How to make a purchase order

1.  Go to “Products” on the menu bar and select product group to view product lists.

2. Then it will promptly display “My basket” so as to manage your selected products, for example:

  • To increase more quantity, press “+” or To reduce, press “-“ or to directly put in wanted number 
  • To cancel the order, click behind of product that needs to be cancelled or click  in case of all selected products to be cancelled 
  • To purchase more products, press  and select more products you want
  • To stop purchase and exit for check-out, press 

During making a purchase, to view products that have been selected, you may press  on the right corner of the webpage **


3. When press “Payment”, the screen will display “Purchase Order” page which contains

  • Customer information, you may fill in and complete all the details. If you want to remain using the given delivery address, please select  Otherwise, please fill in the delivery address you want
  • To make a payment, you may select 
  • To confirm your purchase order, you may select the type of delivery you want  The system will automatically calculate and summarise total cost for your payment, then please press 

Note : Delivery via Thai Post Office

                  Express Delivery (EMS) takes 2-3 working days, there is delivery code given for online status checking

                  Registered parcel takes 3-5 working days, there is delivery code given for online status checking

                  Normal delivery takes 5-7 working days, there is delivery code given but not for online status checking, only for manually checking with post officer, call 1545.


4. Once confirmed your purchase order, it will display “Confirmed Purchase”.

It will show details of your purchase (as in the picture), you may print the purchase order by pressing 

5. Then you may go to make a payment

Take the details of your purchase and show a proof of your payment on our website Goodthaiseafood as of follows:


How to confirm your payment

1.  Once you have made a payment, please go into menu  It will display (as in the picture).

2.  Please fill in all the details including upload a photo of your payment slip/ receipt

3.  Then press 

4.  The system will display  to confirm completion


Note : Company will begin packing only when the payment is confirmed!

                The cutoff time is 12 pm (noon), if the confirmation is made after 12 pm, delivery shall be made the next day (Except for Sunday).


How to check the delivery status of your purchase

1.  Go to, it will display a list of customers (as in the picture on the left).

2.  Look up your name by either typing in your name or purchase number in  The system will sort thru and display your name automatically as in the picture no. 2 (right hand)

3.   Type in Tracking number  to check the status with delivery service providers as priorly specified  Delivery service providers Or make a call directly to Thai post office 1545 / Kerry Express 1217

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