Goodthaiseafood Company Limited is one of leading companies in import and export of premium dried foods in Thailand, commenced business since 2008 by a group of expertise in dried foods. We have long experience in import-export, retails and wholesale of dried seafoods over 10 years. Our main products are dried shrimps, dried baby shrimps, dried white baby shrimps, dried Shitake mushrooms, black ear mushrooms, white ear mushrooms, Japanese Shitake mushrooms, herbs, Jasmin tea, dried wolfberry, dried seaweeds, and other dried foods which are used for ingredients in cooking or food processing.

          Goodthaiseafood Company only sources high quality products to serve food manufacturers, food industries, hotels, restaurants, wholesalers-retailers, buyers, including exporting products to overseas markets. Our products are of high quality, planted without chemicals so that our products are safe and chemical-free. Our products are qualified via audits and certified on international food standards with certificates to guarantee its quality and safety. Our company is facilitated with modern warehouses and cold storage rooms that have been certified on international standards to store our products. Therefore, we are very confident in the quality of our products and services.

          All through 10 years in business, our company is very determined in continuously developing business. We have been maintaining our quality at the highest standards in order to serve customers’ needs, both Thais and foreigners whom we are very grateful for their kind and perpetual supports.
          In 2017, Goodthaiseafood Company Limited proactively wanted to expand business to the retail market, so DTF shop has been set up and commenced to serve retail customers and to help them access to our products more conveniently.

          DTF shop sells all the products of Goodthaiseafood Company Limited such as dried seafoods, dried foods, herbs for health, and there are also products from the Royal Projects sold inclusively in the shop to fulfil the customers’ needs and to support the variety of the products.              
“We deeply thank you all for your continuing patronage and support given to us, we highly hope to have an opportunity for further developing business with you in the near future.”
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